PPP (Public Private Partnership)

Projects in the 'Build' phase

Road Name of Project Lane Kms Name of SPV Estimated Project Cost in Rs. million
NH-6 Dhankuni to Kharagpur Section 840.5 Ashoka Dhankuni Kharagpur Tollway Limited 22,052
Construction of Eight Lane Vadodara Kim Expressway in the State of Gujarat 117 Ashoka Ankleshwar Manubar Expressway Private Limited 16870
NH-95 Kharar to Ludhiana 405 Ashoka Kharar Ludhinana Road Limited 16,000
NH-206 Four lanning of Tumkur – Shivamogga section from Ch. 170+415 km to Ch.226+750 Km, Bettadahalli – Shivamogga section of BH-206 on Hybrid annuity mode under Bharatmala Pariyojana in the state of Karnataka (Package-IV). 403.247 Ashoka Bettadahalli Shivamogga Road Private Limited 13820
NH-206 Four Laning of Tumkur – Shivmogga of NH-206 in the state of Karnataka (from Km. 12+310  to Km. 66+540) 393.3  Ashoka Mallasandra Karadi Road Private Limited 12185
NH-16 Six-1aning of Ranastalam-Anandpuram section of NH-16 from kin 634.000 to kin 681.000 in the State of Andhra Pradesh under NHDP Phase-V on Hybrid Annuity Mode 481.53 Ashoka Ranastalam Anandapuram Road Limited 11871
NH-65 Four laning of NH-161 from Kandi (Design Km 0.000) (Km 498.250 of NH-65) to Ramsanpalle (Design Km 39.980/Existing Km 44.757) (Design Length = 39.980 Km) 323.95 10,000
NH-206 Four Laning of Tumkur-Shivamogga NH-206 in the State of Karnataka (from Km. 66+540  to Km. 119.970) 460.7  Ashoka Karadi Banwara Road Private Limited 9170
NH-2 Six-laning of Khairatunda-Barwa Adda of NH-2 in the State of Jharkhand 402.3  Ashoka Khairatunda Barwa Adda Road Limited 8601
NH-4A 4 Lanning of Belgaum – Khanapur Section of NH-4A in the State of Karnataka 252.42  Ashoka Belgaum Khanapur Road Private Limited 8562
NH-4 Bagewadi – Saundatti 126.58 Ashoka Bagewadi Saundatti Road Limited 3,035
WCP -7 Hungund – Talikot 113.98 Ashoka Hungund Talikot Road Limited 2,715
1.This is the estimated Project cost as per the financint plan envisaged.

Projects in the 'Operate' phase

Summary details of PPP projects are set forth in the table below.
Road Name of Project Lane Kms Name of SPV Project Cost in Rs. million
NH-205 Chennai -Outer Ring Road 244 GVR Ashoka Chennai Outer Ring Road Limited 14,660
NH-6 Sambalpur-Baragarh Road 408.4 Ashoka Sambalpur-Baragarh Tollway Private Limited (100%) 11,422
NH-6 Durg Bypass, Chhattisgarh -Maharashtra Border Road 365.8 Ashoka Highways (Durg) Limited ( 51.00 % ) 6,368
NH-6 Bhandara Road, Maharashtra – Chhattisgarh Border Road 345.024 Ashoka Highways (Bhandara) Limited (51.00%) 5,288
SH-31 Jaora – Nayagaon Road 340.24 Jaora Nayagaon Toll Road Company Private Limited (23.00%) 8,746
NH-4 Belgaum-Dharwad Road 652.41 Ashoka Belgaum Dharwad Tollway Limited (100 %) 6,940
SH-18 Modhul – Nippani Road 215.86 Ashoka GVR Modhul Nipani Road Limited 4,712
SH-60 Ahmednagar – Aurangabad Road 168 The Company (100%) 1,027
NH-7 Katni Bypass 35.2 Ashoka-DSC Katni Bypass Road Limited (99.89%) 709
NH-6 Wainganga Bridge 26 Abhijeet Ashoka Infrastructure Limited (50%) 409
SH-76 Anawali – Kasegaon Road 22 Ashoka Bridgeways (5%) 74

Projects that have been 'Transferred' to the client after completion

Sr.NoName of Project
1Ankali Bridge -Ashoka Buildcon Limited
2Akola Bypass – Ashoka Buildcon Limited
3Mandve Bridge – Ashoka Bridgeways
4Ahmednagar – Karmala Road – Ashoka Buildcon Limited
5Pune – Shirur Road – Ashoka Infrastructure Limited
6Sheri Nallah Bridge – Ashoka Buildcon Limited
7Dhule Bypass – Ashoka Infrastructure Limited
8Dewas Bypass
9Indore – Edalabad Road
10Nashirabad Railway-Over Bridge
11Foot-Over-Bridge in Mumbai (Godrej)
12Foot-Over-Bridge in Mumbai (Priya-darshani)
13Foot-Over-Bridge in Mumbai (Pravin Hotel)
14Foot-Over-Bridge in Mumbai (Louis Wadi)
15Foot-Over-Bridge in Mumbai (Mental Hospital)